Pairing Your Bluetooth Keyboard to Your iPad

How to start using your Bluetooth keyboard.


Tip: Like any another Bluetooth device, pairing is all you need to do for that wireless convenience.


It is definitely more comfortable to type on a real keyboard compared to directly typing on your iPad. Especially if you have to compose long messages.

Now that you have a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, the next thing that you have to do is pair your devices. Bluetooth pairing is necessary for the two devices to communicate wirelessly otherwise your iPad will not recognize your keyboard.

Here are the simple steps you need to pair your iOS devices to your Bluetooth keyboard.

*On your keyboard: Check your keyboard’s manual on how to put your device to pairing mode. Usually done by pressing a button for a couple of seconds until the LED starts flashing.

*iPad and other iOS devices: Go to Settings then choose General. Turn your Bluetooth on and wait for a list of devices to show on your screen. Choose the keyboard’s name. This will prompt you to enter a passcode for the keyboard.

*Paired devices: Now that your devices are paired, you can now start working on that article that you’ve been meaning to write.


Source: – iPad Keyboard: Using a Bluetooth Keyboard | New User Guide

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