The Filmmaker and the iPad

Some apps for those who like to shoot and edit films.


Tip: More than just an entertainment device, filmmakers can also use their iPads to create their own movies. is a site for filmmakers by filmmakers. The site has a page where they’ve included the different creative ways on how filmmakers include the iPad in their workflow. Here’s what they have to say about the iPad,

Not only is the iPad is revolutionizing the filmmaking world in terms of new innovative tools, but also in the way it’s leveling the playing field by performing similar functions as expensive equipment that was once out of reach for many indie filmmakers.

In this post we wanted to do more than just supply a list of film apps. While some of these videos highlight apps, we also wanted to include accessories, some you can buy today, some coming soon and others that are just concepts. We also wanted to show you innovative uses, DIY hacks and more.

The post includes videos of different ways they use the iPad and what apps to use. Some videos also show some easy-to-do additions to your iPad to maximize it’s mobility.

Here’s the full article – 25 Cool Ways Filmmakers can Use an iPad

Here’s the app list that the site put together – 22 Filmmaking Apps for the iPad & iPhone




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