Can Your iPad Get a Virus?

Do you ever feel that your iPad might have a virus because it is acting up? With all the things that you do with your iPad, one can’t really keep track of all those web pages that you’ve accessed. So it keeps you wondering if you’ve got a virus.

Tip: iPads cannot get a virus but there are some things that you can do if your iPad is acting up.

Shane of covered a great article about the iPad and a virus. The good news is that iPads do not get a virus. The reason behind this is that the iPad is not running on OSX or Windows thus making it resistant to any kind of bug from the internet. Up to date, there is no reported virus that infected an iPad. You can stop searching for an iPad anti-virus now because there is no need for it.

Now that you know that a virus cannot get into your iPad, what then is causing your iPad to act up or freeze? Using web apps are one. Web apps are those web-based programs that you use like, GoogleDocs. What you can do to avoid getting interruptions is to restart your browser or opt for native apps via the App Store.

If you are using Safari as your web browser, you want to clear your browsing history, cache and cookies. You can do this by going to Settings > Safari then do the clean up.

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