New iPad and iPad 2 Speed Test

The new iPad is here and we want to know how fast it is compared to the iPad 2.




Tip: If the retina display and camera is not a big deal for you, stick with your iPad 2


The new iPad is already out in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The new iPad comes with dual core Apple A5X processor with quad core graphics and sports a retina display. Those features make the new iPad twice as fast with sharper display compared to the iPad 2. And with these features, did not waste any time to show us how these features look like in the new iPad.

Watch the New iPad vs. iPad 2: App Launching and Web Rendering Speed Test from if you want to know how fast the new iPad is compared to the iPad 2.

Just keep in mind that although the new iPad features a faster processor, it is also launching graphics that is 4 times the pixels that the iPad 2 has. It is also trying to power and launch apps that are bigger in sizes due to updates for the retina display. You might want to stick around with your iPad 2 for a little while if retina display and 5 MP camera is not that important to you.

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